PowerMenu – Minimizing application to system tray

This is one of my favorite utility tools. PowerMenu is the collection of extensions to the window control menu come in really handy when I work with lot of applications at a time. This tool will add more options to windows control menu in addition to standard restore/move/size/minimize/maximize menu items.

Here is the list of available extensions:

Priority > Changes the priority of the window’s parent process
Transparency > Changes the transparency level of the window (Windows 2K/XP only)
Always On Top > Makes the window sit on top of other windows even if it doesn’t have focus.
Minimize To Tray > Remove the window from the task-list and places the window’s on the system tray.

Usually my taskbar always filled with many applications every time. Some of these “always needed” applications like explorer, CVS client, textpad etc. remains open all the time. That results to very cluttered taskbar. So with PowerMenu tool, I can move to applications to system bar and make my taskbar more cleaner and manageable.

Link: PowerMenu

To auto start this tool, I also created a small batch file and placed it into the Startup folder so that I don’t have to manually run it every time. Batch file contains following command:

"E:UtilitiesPowerMenuPowerMenu.exe" -hideself on

Thanks Thong Nguyen for this handy tool!!