Comforting with space bar - I

One of the preferred use of "Enter" key for power users, is to click any button instead of clicking through mouse. This is more productive, as they don't have to shift hand from keyboard to mouse, and return back to keyboard. Usual flow is, after entering information in the windows, power users simply prefer to hit Enter button to save the change instead of using mouse.

But there is one issue with the "Enter" key. It's position in the keyboard. Without shifting natural position of the right wrist, users usually use soft index or pinky finger to press it. User can use index finger otherwise, but then they also have to shift right wrist to hit Enter, and then return it back to normal typing position.

To overcome of the overusing soft index or picky finger to hit "Enter" key, I recommend using space bar instead using your thumb. Give it a try.

I am using space bar for quite sometime now using my thumb to submit form or click any button, and I started to prefer it this way. This is more comforting compare to pressing enter button using soft index or pinky finger.

Why not try it yourself? Use space bar using your thumb whenever you require clicking a button in the dialog box. When application shows up a dialog box for confirmation or alert, just hit space bar. And if default focus is not on button you want to press, use tab button to shift focus.