Favlets - Must have tools for ASP.NET developers

Favlets are small JavaScript snippets prefixed with "javascript:" which are stored as hyperlink on browser bookmarks. You can run Favlets from the address bar of your browser and stored in Favorites folder of the browser, and hence it's called Favlets.

The beauty of the Favlet is that it can access any part of page currently opened in the browser. You can access any DOM elements of the page in a variable and then you can use that variable to display property or to modify it.

Installing Favlets is as simple as bookmarking web page in your browser. Simply drag Favlet to the Favorites folder of the browser and thats it. After adding Favlet, open any web page and click on that Favlet.

Here is the small tutorial if you need more information on understanding and installing Favlets in your browser: How to use favlets Bookmarklets - Browser Power About Bookmarklets

Following is the list of Favlets from my web development tool box:

Source: Slime
View Tables - Creates a thin blue border around every <table> element on the page, and a thin green one around table cells. Useful for figuring out old table layouts.

View Divs - Creates a thin red border around every <div> element on the page. Often useful to see how the browser is handling CSS.

Execute JavaScript Code - The ultimate favelet. Allows you to execute any JavaScript code that you want to.

Display Properties of Object - Displays all of the properties of a given object (for example, document.body, window.navigator, or document.getElementById('myelem')). If there are too many properties to display on separate lines, they are displayed on a single line and separated with "|||." Exact result is browser-dependant. Useful for debugging scripts.

Source: Favlets
Elements Inspector - Shows the properties of any HTML element on mouseover. "ESC" key turns the favlet off.

Source: W3C
Validate This Page - This is the basic "Validate This Page" Favelet. It simply submits the URL for the currently viewed page to the Validator for processing. Results appear in the same window.

Source: Squarefree
Read Cookie for Site - Shows cookies stored by the page you're viewing.