Announcement: DOTENET

Its give me immense pleasure to announcement .NET portal - DOTENET (URL: It is "Digg" style web application dedicated to .NET and relative technologies. This portal will serve as central hub to share articles, tutorials, blog post etc. When I was planning to create this portal couple of months back, I was sure that first release of this project will have minimum "must to have" features and later will add more features which are "good to have". And that is why you will notice many blank pages on the portal. These blank pages are place-holder for features which I will add in coming weeks (depending upon available bandwidth).

The desired goal of creating this community portal cannot be achieved without your active participation. Please register to the portal and share articles or posts which you think useful to .NET community. If you find any existing link useful in DOTNET portal, please vote for that link so that link can be push to popular segment.

As you continue participating in this portal, please keep in mind that this community portal needs your feedback to remain alive. Please provide your feedback/opinion/suggestion to this post

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