FlashCard v1.0

I was looking for a small flash card application which just float around somewhere on my monitor while I work. After unable to find one, I decided to developed my own "FlashCard" application.

Flashcard or flash card is just a piece of paper which has question on one side of the card and an answer on another. Flashcard is a great learning aid using response system and can be use to learn vocabulary, formulas, foreign languages, technical or domain terms etc. This system was developed to maximize efficiency of studying memorization-intensive subjects.

This application is small capsule like user interface occupy very little space on your screen. I usually run this application at top-center of the screen. Application reads questions and answers from pipe (|) separated text file, and it display those questions and respected answers sequentially or randomly on the capsule.

FlashCard Screenshot

FlashCard Popup Menu

You can select option to display those questions sequentially or randomly. Right click on capsule, and check/uncheck the popup menu "Random Order".

You don't need to run any kind of setup to run this application. Just unzip the attached flashcard.zip to any folder and run the .exe file. Application will ask you to provide path for your flashcard text file which will have all of your questions and answers which you want to memorize. Application will then display those questions and answers in the FlashCard capsule.

You can use any text editor if you want to create your own flashcard file. Open your favorite text editor and write down your question and respective answers separated by pipe (|) for each line. Please read ReadMe.txt for more details.

FlashCard is developed using Delphi 5 as I just want to have single native binary (EXE) which does not require any depended DLL to run.

I hope you will find this tool useful. If you are facing any problem or have any suggestion please do feel free to contact me.

Download: FlashCardv1.zip

Attached zip file also contains English vocabulary FlashCard file as an example. You can add more FlashCard files like this in your repository based on your requirement.