Too Good! Team coordination Funda

A bunch of smart MBA students about to give their final paper just got nicely drunk and did not study. The next day morning, remorse filled them, and they thought of a brilliant idea of fooling their dean to cover their absence. They painted their hands and dresses with oil and grease and with disheveled hair; they burst into the examination hall where the paper was going on.

They painted a sob story of how their car developed a flat tire the previous night on a desolate road and how they didn’t get any help and had to rough out back to the campus, which they had reached just a few minutes earlier.

They pleaded for a re-exam after a few days. The dean said he was a reasonable man and would give the re-exam after three days. The boys worked hard for the three days and went to the hall confidently.

The dean explained that since this was an extraordinary request, the four students would give the examination from four different halls, the question paper being the same.

The question paper was given to the four halls. It had 100 marks. The first question, which had just 5 marks was simple. The second question, which had 95 marks was:-


Moral: Team coordination is essential!!

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