The fine art of fast development

David Gilbertson, writing for the Hacker Noon:

Stop multitasking
Chunk your coding time into distraction-free sessions of at least 30 minutes. 2 hour sessions are the best.

If you only take one piece of advice from this article, it should be Stop multitasking. High productive software development can only achieve through quality time between you and your code. Any further multitasking is just an interruption which always translates into a lesser quality output. Multitasking is actually evil! There are many steps you can take to avoid multitasking:

  1. Turn off your email client / disable all notifications for the specific time window.
  2. Priorities your tasks.
  3. Tackle your biggest task first and then only move to smaller tasks.
  4. Have a cleaned workplace.
  5. Be consciously available and mindful of what you are doing.
  6. Keep your internal monologue continue while writing code.
  7. Streamline everything, one task at a time.
  8. Voicemail one of the best innovations, use it more often.
  9. Wear a headphone during coding sessions even if you are not listening to anything.