HTTP headers for the responsible developer

Stefan Judis explains why developers should be a bit responsible when it comes to setting HTTP Headers of web applications. Having proper HTTP Headers like Cache-Control will be a deciding factor sometimes if the web application is accessible to some people or not.

If a page on a hospital site is 5MB it is not only slow but also could be too expensive for people needing it the most. The price of 5MB in Europe or the United States is nothing compared to the price of 5MB of data in Africa. Developers are responsible for keeping the web affordable for everybody. This responsibility includes serving the right resources, evaluation of the right tools to use (do you really need a JS framework for a landing page?), and avoiding requests.

SubtlePatterns – free background textures

Finding that great background pattern for a web application is a hard and sometimes very daunting task. We all have been there. We spend hours to search around for a decent background pattern, but we usually end up with patterns that are either too much on the face or have quality leaves much to be desired. I just found a great online resource which has a huge collection of professional quality patterns for designers and developers. You must check out

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns

One feature I like most is that I can click on the preview button of any pattern and I can see how that pattern will actually look like as background of the page. What a great time-saving feature! It happens a lot to me if I am very particular about the pattern I want to use on my web site. I found a great looking background pattern somewhere, but when I drop that pattern on my web site, it comes out to be too dominating for the page. With preview functionality, you can see how that background pattern will actually look like before downloading and implementing on your web site.

You can use patterns from SubtlePatterns in commercial projects as well as long as you provide proper credit somewhere in the project.