Color in Motion

Do you know every color has its own personality and attitude? For example, the blue color is known for authority, calmness, and confidence and can easily be complemented by the orange color. Or that red color which is known for being ambitious, alert, and impatient. Or that yellow color known more for aspiration, forgiveness, and happiness.

Claudia Cortés has created a fantastic movie Color In Motion, starring some major colors. Very nice approach depicting each color with its personality and attitude. And what a storyline in the movie!

Color Schemer Tool

One of the challenges of being a software developer with not-so-significant design eyes is to pick the perfect color combination. If you are like me, then you will find Color Schemer very handy. Just provide a base color to this tool, and it will suggest you match colors using a matching technique such as Color Wheel, Complements, Triads, Tetrads, etc. They also have the online version of Color Schemer.

Color Schemer
Color Schemer Online