Paste rich text as clean text

This little AutoHotKey snippet will make copying rich text and pasting as clean text a bit less hassle:

  clipboard := ClipboardAll ;Copy clipboard contents to a variable
  Clipboard = %clipboard% ;Save content of the variable back to the clipboard
  Send ^v ;Send Ctrl+V command

The assigned shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+V, which you can change per your preference. Copy any rich text from a website, open a Word document or new email in Outlook, and press Ctrl+Shift+V. AutoHotKey snippet will remove all style formatting and will paste just the clean text.

iPhone – Scroll Bottom Bookmarklet

You can quickly scroll to the top of the webpage by just tapping on the top bar (the bar which has icons like signal status, carrier name, time, etc.) of the iPhone, but how about scrolling to the bottom of the page? If you are browsing a very long web page, it sometimes becomes a bit annoying to scroll through the whole page to get to the bottom. But here is a small Javascript hack that allows you to scroll to the bottom of the page with just one tab. You just require adding this Javascript code as a bookmarklet (or sometimes it is also called Favelet):

Javascript Code:

javascript:(function(){scroll(0, document.body.scrollHeight);})();

Link: Scroll Bottom

To add Scroll Bottom bookmarklet, just drag the above link to Safari Bookmarks Bar and then sync to your iPhone through iTunes.

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