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Color schemes for web, UI and app sourced from minimal photography of everyday objects and encounters.

Some of the beautiful accidental color combinations.


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SharpLab is a .NET code playground that shows intermediate steps and results of code compilation. Some language features are thin wrappers on top of other features -- e.g. using() becomes try/finally. SharpLab allows you to see the code as compiler sees it, and get a better understanding of .NET languages.

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Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software.


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Brian Rinaldi:

Myth 1: They are just rebranded static sites
Myth 2: Jamstack sites are fragile
Myth 3: Editing content is difficult
Myth 4: SEO is Hard on the Jamstack
Myth 5: Jamstack requires heavy JavaScript frameworks

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This blog post covers several enhancements to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) in iOS and iPadOS 13.4 and Safari 13.1 on macOS to address our latest discoveries in the industry around tracking.

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From Google:

Every engineer is also a writer.

This collection of courses and learning resources aims to improve your technical documentation. Learn how to plan and author technical documents. You can also learn about the role of technical writers at Google.

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