Paste rich text as clean text

This little AutoHotKey snippet will make copying rich text and pasting as clean text a bit less hassle:

  clipboard := ClipboardAll ;Copy clipboard contents to a variable
  Clipboard = %clipboard% ;Save content of the variable back to the clipboard
  Send ^v ;Send Ctrl+V command

The assigned shortcut key is Ctrl+Shift+V, which you can change per your preference. Copy any rich text from a website, open a Word document or new email in Outlook, and press Ctrl+Shift+V. AutoHotKey snippet will remove all style formatting and will paste just the clean text.

Hadlock Falls, Acadia

Sony ILCE-7RM3 • FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM
ƒ/5.6 • 35mm • 0.5s • ISO 100

Keeping exposure timing less than a half second has another benefit besides tack sharp leaves and branches. If someone inadvertently walks into your long-exposure framing, you can take that opportunity to include the person in your composition with a lesser probability that that person will blur out.

I was so happy to take this shot. The person in the photo counterbalances the waterfall in the overall structure of the composition. This balance shifts the attention away from the waterfall as the main subject adds another dimension to the composition, which would otherwise be a predictable and bland photo.

Playdate: A New Handheld Gaming System

Playdate: A New Handheld Gaming System

Look like this world has started moving back towards a simplified life. In the age where every device has more and more extra features, small company Panic has come up with a basic handheld video game console with the monochrome screen. This pocket device has a crank which you can use to play games. You will not believe me; when I first heard about the hand crank on the game controller, I thought it’s a mechanism to charge the device.

randr – Rename And Replace

randr is a command line tool that recursively searches file content for the source text and replaces it with the target text. With that, randr will also recursively rename files or folders that match the source to the target text. You can also specify a command flag to rename or replace based on case-sensitive or case-insensitive searches.

randr – Example

To illustrate the usage of randr, consider you have a project folder with the following structure:

// Project Folder: c:\Projects\Payroll\

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Models\Worker.cs
public class Worker {}

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Services\WorkerService.cs
public class WorkerService {}

// c:\{rojects\Payroll\Repositories\WorkerRepository.cs
public class WorkerRepository {}

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Helpers\Worker\Extensions.cs
public static class Extensions {}

Let’s refactor above project structure using randr and change Worker entities to Employee. randr command to refactor will look like following, which will replace any files text which contains Worker to Employee as well as will rename any file or folder with contains Worker to Employee.

randr.exe -find=Worker -replace=Employee -match=true -location=c:\Projects\Payroll\

After running randr successfully, our example project folder will look like following:

// Project Folder: c:\Projects\Payroll\

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Models\Employee.cs
public class Employee {}

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Services\EmployeeService.cs
public class EmployeeService {}

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Repositories\EmployeeRepository.cs
public class EmployeeRepository {}

// c:\Projects\Payroll\Helpers\Employee\Extensions.cs
public static class Extensions {}

Please go over in the project repository for parameter usage details.

GIT Repository:



Copying formatted text from the web page or Word document and pasting the text somewhere else is always a hassle as Windows OS also keeps the text formatting as well with the copied text. It always becomes a bit annoying as you also have to clean up the formatting every time you paste the text into your text editor. This tool will simply remove those unwanted formatting and will always paste clean text when you press the configured PureText hotkey. Copy the formatted text from the source as usual, but for pasting the text, use the PureText hotkey. I configured the PureText hotkey as Ctrl+Shift+V to more align with standard paste hotkey Ctrl+V.