randr - Rename And Replace

randr is a command line tool which recursively searches files content for source string and replaces it with the target string. With that, randr will also recursively rename files or folders name which matches source string to target string. You can also specify a command flag, if you want to rename or replace based on case sensitive or case insensitive search.

randr - Example

randr - Example

Chrome Extension - DIV Glance

This Chrome extension will give you a visual glance of the DIV tags in the page. Just hover your mouse pointer over the page and extension will highlight DIV under the pointer with a Red background color. The intensity of Red background color signifies the depth of highlighted DIV related to its parent DIV layers. You no more have to dig through Chrome DevTools to inspect DIV layout in the page.

DIV Glance


TSqlCodeGen is a simple template based SQL script code generator which generates code using table structure. Provide your target table and template to the TSqlCodeGen and it will generate code you for based on your template. The tool is very handy if you are dealing with a table with a large number of columns.

TSqlCodeGen - Template based SQL script code generator

TSqlCodeGen - Template based SQL script code generator

FlashCard v1.0

Flash cards are a collection of cards which has a question on one side and answer on another. It was be used to learn vocabulary, formulas, foreign language, technical or domain terms, etc. This learning tool was developed to maximize the efficiency of studying memorization intensive subjects.

I attempted to make UI bit minimal so that the whole interface will occupy very little space on your screen. I usually prefer to have this application position at the top-center of the screen.

FlashCard uses a simple text file for questions and answers which are separated by pipe delimitator. Based on your selection application will display questions sequentially or randomly.

FlashCard Screenshot

To select the order of the questions, right click on the capsule, and check/uncheck the popup menu item Random Order.

FlashCard Popup Menu