Copying formatted text from the web page or Word document and pasting the text somewhere else is always a hassle as Windows OS also keeps the text formatting as well with the copied text. It always becomes a bit annoying as you also have to clean up the formatting every time you paste the text into your text editor. This tool will simply remove those unwanted formatting and will always paste clean text when you press the configured PureText hotkey. Copy the formatted text from the source as usual, but for pasting the text, use the PureText hotkey. I configured the PureText hotkey as Ctrl+Shift+V to more align with standard paste hotkey Ctrl+V.

The Science of Productivity

This 3 minutes video has one of the best explanations of behavioral psychology behind staying productive and recommends some productivity techniques based on research by Janet Polivy, Kenneth McGraw, John Bargh, Tony Schwartz, etc. You should also check out the companion article The Science of Productivity: A Proven Way to Get More Done (in Less Time)

If you take only one thing away from this video, please take this: overcome the illusion of being more productive surrounded by multitasking. As Nass summarized, it turns out multitaskers are terrible at every aspect of multitasking.

Pasting plain text from clipboard

You will love this nice little utility tool! When you copy the text from a web page or Word document, Windows keeps the formatting as well with the text. Paste that text into any word processor and you end up with unwanted formatting as well with the pasted text. Well, this tool will simply remove those unwanted formatting and paste clean text instead from the clipboard. Isn’t it nice!


PureText 2.0