Cmder - Console Emulator

Cmder is a self-contained console emulator for Windows without any dependencies. Being a portable application, Cmder offers to run without any need to install on the machine. It is based on ConEmu with the major config overhaul, comes with many color schemes, amazing clink, and a custom prompt layout. If you are looking for a replacement for existing command windows with features like multiple tabs, custom color scheme, minimize to the system tray, etc. then you will love Cmder. Pick your shell you want to work with like Cmd, PowerShell, Bash, or Mintty, and run it using Cmder emulator as standard terminal experience.

If disk space is not the constraint, make sure you download full version (108 MB) which also has Git for Windows.

There are a ton of features in Cmder which separates it from other command terminals in Windows.

Cmder - VIM Editor

Following are some of the features I love most in Cmder:

  1. Multiple Tabs / Multiple Panels
  2. Uses Clink Unix commands (ssh, cat, vi, man, curl, grep, locate, rm, touch, tail, et al.)
  3. Git Setup
  4. Setting: Custom Color theme
  5. Clink for Bash-style command line editing
  6. Context sensitive completion
  7. Auto-answering of the “Terminate batch job?” prompt
  8. Attach to a process
  9. Setting: Always on top
  10. Setting: Minimize / Restore hotkey (Ctrl+`)
  11. Setting: Minimize to the system tray
  12. Custom hotkey for every action
  13. Drag Cmder Window by client area (Ctrl+Alt)
  14. Dump / Load Screen
  15. Make Screenshot
  16. You can also Oh My Zsh! your Git prompt